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For more information, please call 812.349.2848 or click here to send an email.
The Hazardous Materials facility is your place for recycling, reuse, and proper disposal of your hazardous materials. Electronics, Freon appliances, household materials including pharmaceuticals, medical aids, paints, cleaners, and other common substances are hazardous waste that can pollute our soil, water, and air.
Click here for information about this location.
NOTE: Material generated from Monroe County households are free of charge except for latex paint.

You might be surprised to know that many of the familiar substances in your home are hazardous. The average household contains between 3 and 10 gallons of hazardous materials.
Cleaning Supplies
Do not discard old cleaning supplies by pouring them down the sink. We accept all types of cleaning supplies.
• Bathroom cleaner
• Bleach
• Ammonia

Car Care Products
Empty containers may be recycled.
Old Medications
Do not flush old medications down the toilet. Medications are incinerated. Confidentiality is assured. Click here for more info on pharmaceutical disposal.
Pesticides and Fertilizers
Do not throw away old pesticides and fertilizers.
Acids and Bases
Examples of acids and bases in the home are:
• Drain opening agents
• Old cleaning chemicals
• Toilet cleaners
• Lime Away
• Oxidizers
• Pool Chemicals
• Hydrogen Peroxide
Propane Tanks
We accept propane tanks. They can be empty or full. Both 1 lb and 20 lb. tanks are accepted.
Flammable Liquids
• Gasoline
• Mineral Spirits
• Paint thinner
• Fuel Additives
• Brake Fluid

We cannot accept:
Radioactive substances. (Return these to the manufacturer)
Explosive substances including ammunition

Controlled substances such as heavy pain killers, must go to the police:
• Darvocet
• Vicadin
• Morphine
• Codine

Your household contains hazardous materials if you have any of the following:
In the kitchen...

• aerosol cans
• cleaners
• drain cleaners
• floor care products
• metal polish
• oven cleaners

In the bathroom...
• disinfectants
• hair relaxers
• medicines
• nail polish
• pharmaceuticals - click here for more info on pharmaceutical disposal
• polish removers

In the garden...
• fungicide
• herbicide
• insecticide
• rodent poisons
• weed killers
• pesticides

Here and there...
batteries - click here for more info on household battery disposal
• furniture polish
• mothballs
• photographic fixer
• pool chemicals
• silver polish
• solvents

In the garage... click here for more info on disposal of automotive products
• auto batteries
• brake fluid
• degreaser
• gasoline
• kerosene
• lighter fluid
• motor oil
• oil filters

Electronics are accepted every week at ALL Recycling Centers.
Click here for location information.

We accept any item that requires an electrical cord or a battery to operate.
Click here for information on battery disposal.

FREE Electronics Recycling includes: cell phone, telephone, microwave oven, fan, radio, curling iron, hair dryer, power tool, speaker, calculator, toaster, toaster oven, computer, computer mouse, keyboard, coffee maker, countertop appliances, among other electronic devices.

Please call 812.349.2848 for more information, or click here to send an email.
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